5 Advantages of migrating to the cloud

The cloud. A hot topic in the IT industry. More and more companies are migrating to the cloud, because they understand that the cloud is not just a trend, but actually the future of our IT landscape. Furthermore, the cloud offers lots of advantages. Cloud services are easily defined, very cost-effective, and they help companies to be managed more efficiently and effectively. As a cloud reseller, you will also benefit from many advantages.


Why should you migrate to the cloud?

Before the cloud era, applications and software were physically downloaded onto computers or software, located in the building. It involved lengthy on-site operational processes. It also meant that companies were forced to make substantial investments with regards to hardware, software, and licenses. Furthermore, many employees nowadays want to be able to work flexibly. They want to work any time, any place, and from any device. Modern workspaces became important. Companies faced the challenge of creating modern workspaces. Thanks to the cloud, all these challenges are now in the past. A number of the main advantages of moving to the cloud are described below:


  1. Increased flexibility. The capacity of the cloud is easy to scale-up or scale-down, because the servers are located at an external cloud supplier. This makes cloud services the perfect choice for companies who require a growing or flexible bandwidth.
  2. Cheaper. Because your clients will no longer need to invest in their own servers, software, licenses, or heavy-duty hardware, the cloud is cost-effective. Furthermore, your client only pays for what they actually use.
  3. Increased efficiency. To your clients, the servers are out of sight and out of mind. Clients do not need to worry about them, because the cloud supplier manages regular software updates, including security updates. This means that clients will not need to waste any time keeping the system itself operational, and can instead focus on the optimisation of their core business activities.
  4. Safer. Sensitive company data are no longer stored on laptops or hard discs, but are instead harboured in a secured data centre. Cloud suppliers are constantly investing in cloud-based security systems and thanks to artificial intelligence vulnerabilities are tracked down and eliminated prematurely.
  5. More accessible. All that users need to be able to work, is an internet connection. Furthermore, cloud services contribute to increased team productivity. Thanks to cloud services, all stakeholders can open, work on, and share files securely, which enables them to work together more effectively.

Action plan

Together with you we devise an action plan to optimise your partnership with Microsoft and the distributor. First of all, we make a clear overview of your current situation. 

A 4-step approach

Phase 1: Administration (Partner status, pre-calculation financial rewards)

Phase 2: Training (Ambitions, Microsoft Certified Professionals and a deep dive of 12 different Microsoft competencies, training & exams)

Phase 3: Financial awards (Deep dive of 18 different rewards programmes)

Phase 4: Support (Single point of contact for all Microsoft questions.

This way, Partner Care Europe can make a number of suggestions for improvement immediately. We then proceed to evaluate the knowledge and skills the MCPs already have and how this can be optimised. Subsequently, we look at what is sold and which rewards are or could be connected to this. After this, we look at how the customer service with regards to Microsoft products is set up. Partner Care offers 24/7 support for its customers. What we achieve is that the structure of the organisation maximises the potential of the Microsoft Partner Programme. Now and in the future.